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Pulmonary Conditions

Pulmonary condition coding can be challenging for any coder. The chronic lower respiratory diseases section of ICD-10 encompasses 7 categories between J40 and J47. While most forms of COPD are coded to the J44 category, not all COPD conditions are coded there. And the J40-J47 section includes diagnoses for conditions distinct from COPD. Find out how to pinpoint the correct pulmonary condition code using the Coding Center, including where to find the conventions that come into play when using these codes. - Recorded 20Apr17

Access the Pulmonary Conditions slides here.



Coding an ulcer accurately starts with determining its etiology. Is it a pressure ulcer? A stasis ulcer? An arterial ulcer? A diabetic ulcer? The rules for coding each are different and staying on top of guidance changes can be a challenge. See how easy it is to find the correct code(s) using the Coding Center and where to find the instructional content that will help you correctly apply laterality, specificity and sequencing rules. - Recorded 23May17



CMS has instructed hospices to assign codes not just for the terminal diagnosis but for all comorbid and unresolved conditions that exist at the time of hospice care. Learn how easy it is to look up and assign the appropriate codes for each of these conditions, and where to find the sequencing instructions to keep auditors at bay. Plus we’ll show you how to find the hospice Z codes and where to slot them in your coding. - Recorded 29June17

Access the Hospice slides here.

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