Compiling codes can improve your workflow


... the Code Tracker allows you to compile codes for easy transfer to your billing software

Click the Add to Code Tracker icon to the right of the code descriptor to store codes as you work through a patient record.


Your code is added to the Code Tracker in the Toolbox on the right side of the page. When you've compiled all the codes for that patient, click Code_Tracker_Button.PNG to open the Code Tracker window where you can:

  • Drag and drop codes to resequence
  • Remove individual codes using the Code_Tracker_Remove_Button.PNG
  • Select all codes within your bill pad using the Code_Tracker_Select_All_Button.PNG
  • Or, Code_Tracker_Clear_All_Button.PNG all the codes off your bill pad to begin anew with the next patient


Be sure to click Code_Tracker_Save_Changes_Button.PNG before exiting the Code Tracker to retain your adjustments.

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