Broaden your Alpha Index search to find diagnoses


... a broader Alpha Index search may help you overcome those "No Results Found" hurdles

You’ve searched the Alpha Index for “periprosthetic fracture left hip” and gotten the dreaded “No Results Found”. Don’t give up! Broaden your search and see if that helps you nail down the correct code.

Of those four terms, consider which is most general. Fracture, correct? Periprosthetic identifies what type of fracture. Hip narrows down which bone suffered the periprosthetic fracture. And left pinpoints which side of the body had the periprosthetic hip fracture. So you can broaden your search by removing left from your query.


From here, click the M97.0 hyperlink to go to that code’s detail page, then click View Related Codes on the right side of the descriptor bars to identify the appropriate additional characters (for laterality and encounter type).

Note: Sometimes you may have to remove more than one word. Just remember to keep removing the most specific term remaining to increase the success of your re-query.

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