Coding Center Release Notes - Dec. 1, 2017

Late on November 30, 2017, we released one fix/improvement for all access levels and an enhancement to those with Professional & Expert access to Home Health Coding Center.

Fix/Improvement: "Manage Account" functionality reintroduced

In the upper right corner, click the "My Account" drop-down arrow to access "Manage Account". On the "Manage Account" page, you can view your basic account information:

  • name
  • username/email
  • company
  • current and past memberships (including expiration dates)

The fields for name and company are editable so update as necessary. You also have access to a link to reset your password.

Important: Please note that any change made to your password and/or personal information will update the same information for all your DecisionHealth product subscription logins.

Please call Customer Service toll free at 1-855-CALL-DH-1 (1-855-255-5341) if you need to change your User Name/Email.


*For multiple user accounts, upgraded functionality to "Manage Users" will be reintroduced early next year (January/February 2018).

Professional & Expert Enhancement: Training Webinars on Demand

View H3.Group webinars "On Demand" with your Professional or Expert access. There are two ways to access this training. On the Main Menu Bar, select "Training OD" to view the full list of available webinars.


Click a webinar title to go to that video's page, then click play to watch the training. All webinars come with an associated CEU quiz, which becomes available after you watch the video. Just click the CEU Quiz link on the video's page and score 80% or higher to earn the CEUs.

The webinars also are available through the associated code and item detail pages. Look for the Training OnDemand widget in the lower right-hand corner of the page.


Like above, click the webinar title to go to the video's page to watch the training and find the link to the associated CEU quiz.

Note that future webinars will be available no sooner than three months after the live event.

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