Internet Explorer (IE) Upgrade - Updated with IE9 Phase Out

UPDATE – June 1, 2017:

If you are currently using Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) or an earlier version (e.g., Internet Explorer 7 or 8) to log into the Home Health Coding Center, you will need to update your browser before June 1, 2017, or it will not function appropriately. (See below for links to updated browsers)

Microsoft is no longer fully supporting Internet Explorer versions older than IE11, so you'll see more frequent impacts to functionality across the web until you upgrade. Please note that the Home Health Coding Center will discontinue support for IE10 effective September 1, 2017. We’ll notify you of that impending change again in August.

ORIGINAL NOTE – July 2015:

Important Notice! If you are using Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) or Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), your Home Health Coding Center will NOT function appropriately once upgrades are made on August 17, 2015.

If you are using IE7 or IE8 to access the Coding Center, we suggest you upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer (IE11) or download another free and easy browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Microsoft Edge or Apple Safari.

With one of these updated browsers, you'll have access to the enhanced Coding Center AND benefit on all websites from:

  • Safer browsing
  • Faster loading times
  • Extra features

Unsure what version of Internet Explorer you are using? Want to learn more about browsers? Click here.

Click here to determine your Internet Explorer upgrade eligibility status. To download one of the other free web browsers:

Note: Microsoft is no longer supporting IE7, IE8 and Windows XP, so you'll see more frequent impacts to functionality across the web until you upgrade.


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