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Coder’s Chat shows the last five topics discussed on the Diagnosis Coding Forum/ListServ – in reverse chronological order. Note that each identifies when the topic was originally posted. Click View All Topics to see the complete list of discussion threads posted by your peers.

Already a member? Just click on a topic to view or join that discussion. Or click the Already a Member? link at the bottom left of the box to see the full list of forums you've subscribed to. You may be prompted to enter your email and password before you can access the chats.

Interested in joining? Just click the Interested in Joining link at the bottom of the box. The Forum/ListServ Enrollment page will open in a new tab. Fill in the required fields to register.

Note: Pop up blocker software may restrict access to the Forum. Please click on the thread again if the Forum does not open after you join.

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