Searching the OASIS (Expert Access Level)

First, select OASIS_Toggle_post-Lookback.PNG from the toggle. The search will default to OASIS-D but you can select OASIS-C2 from the drop down if you need to search the previous data set.


Once you've selected the version of the OASIS you want to query, type a single term, multiple terms, item or item range into the Search bar, hit Enter on your keyboard – or click the button – to search the OASIS.

OASIS term search: An OASIS term search returns results based on relevancy. The application looks for the term(s) in the item descriptor, then the responses. Click the Expand All toggle to see the responses for every result. A multiple term search will return only results that include all those terms. Click on any item* on this page to go directly to the item’s detail page.

*Note that clicking on a response will open that item's detail page with that response's CMS guidance (if any) already opened.


OASIS item search: An OASIS item search will take you directly to that item’s detail page. You also can click Browse Items below the toggle to navigate that version of the OASIS beginning from the domain level.

Watch OASIS Item search tutorial (Recorded 14Mar19):

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