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Commonly Used Z Codes

Z codes have the same general intent as the old V codes in ICD-9: report issues other than a diagnosis that impact a patient’s health status and/or explain contact with health services. But when should you use these codes? Learn more about the whens and whys of Z code use, and how to use the Coding Center to find and sequence these codes correctly. – Recorded 28June16

Access the Commonly Used Z Codes slides here.


Consistently reporting only symptoms is a sure-fire way to draw unwanted attention from your friendly neighborhood auditor. Learn how to use the Coding Center to look up the underlying, definitive diagnosis and what to do with symptoms that are integral to a disease. Of course, sometimes it's appropriate to report symptoms. See how to find the symptom codes in Chapter 18 as well as those hiding in the specific body system chapters. – Recorded 27July16

Access the Symptoms slides here.

Orthopedic Aftercare

The musculoskeletal system isn’t one of the 8 body systems covered by aftercare codes in subcategory Z48.81. So where do you turn when you need to assign a code(s) for orthopedic aftercare? Join us to find out how to use the Coding Center to locate the appropriate code(s) for aftercare following amputations, joint replacements, and other musculoskeletal procedures – plus how to find the codes for complications that may arise during recovery from these surgeries. – Recorded 29Aug16

Access the Orthopedic Aftercare slides here.

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