Coding Center Release Notes - Apr. 6, 2018

Late on April 5, 2018, we released new content from the ICD-10-CM Coding Companion – including tips, definitions and tables. Look for the "Decision Support" header at the code-, subcategory-, category-, section- and chapter-level on thousands of ICD-10-CM code detail pages.

Decision Support content at the code-, subcategory- or category-level appears above the User Notes on your detail page. For longer pieces of content you may find a Show All hyperlink in the lower right corner of the Decision Support section of the page (see screenshot below). Simply click that hyperlink to view the full text.


As part of this release, we also have split the Chapter/Subchapter section of the code detail page. You’ll now see separate headers for Section and Chapter (see screenshot below). The Chapter Introduction PDF link is across from the Chapter header. Again, longer pieces of Decision Support content may have a Show All hyperlink in the lower right corner.



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