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Infections (including Sepsis)

Proper coding of infections depends on what part of the body is affected and the organism that caused it. Some infections require A single code while others need a Buddy to fully capture the clinical picture. We’ll also go over tracking down systemic infection codes for conditions like sepsis, severe sepsis and septic shock. Join us to learn the AB(C)s of infection code lookup and where to find instructions on the Coding Center to properly sequence them. – Recorded 25Apr18


Wounds & Burns

Surgical wounds, trauma wounds and burns present challenges, both during the OASIS assessment and as you assign codes. CMS has addressed items M1340, M1342 and/or M1350 in more than 50 OASIS Q&As. And guidance on coding these injuries is just as extensive, if not more. Learn how to (1) find guidance for completing these items; (2) pinpoint the proper codes; and (3) assign the codes correctly using the Coding Center.– Recorded 24May18


Cancer & Associated Conditions

When coding cancer, the proper process is key. When and how do you use the Alpha Index to find the neoplasm code? When is it then appropriate to turn to the Neoplasm Table? And then there are some specifics to address: (1) Is it active cancer or are you identifying history? Is the active cancer primary or secondary? Malignant or benign? Find out how to pinpoint on the Coding Center the correct cancer diagnosis code for each of these situations. Plus, see how to look up and assign the codes for conditions caused by neoplastic disease.– Recorded 25June18

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