Navigate between code detail pages using paretheticals following Conventions


... codes in the parentheticals following Conventions are hyperlinked

Navigate to another code when you click the hyperlinked parenthetical after Excludes 1, Excludes 2, Code First, Code Also and Use Additional Code instructions on any ICD-10-CM code detail page.


Clicking the hyperlink performs a Tabular Codes search for that code or code range. That means if the code is to the greatest level of specificity, you’ll navigate straight to that code’s detail page. If the code is truncated or there is a range of codes in the parenthetical, you’ll first see a Tabular Search Results page. For example, in the above screenshot, the Code Also for “the type of heart failure as systolic, diastolic, or combined, if known” directs you to codes between I50.2 and I50.43. When you click that hyperlink, you’d select the appropriate code from the resulting search results page:


Note that in some cases, the parenthetical includes instruction you'll need to consider after you click the hyperlink to run the Tabular Codes query. For example, on F02.81, the Excludes 2 lists "dementia in alcohol and psychoactive substance disorders". The parenthetical tells us that those codes fall between F10 and F19, but with 4th and 5th characters of .17, .27 and .97 only.


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