Interactive Scenarios (Professional & Expert access only)

Access the Interactive Scenarios through the dropdown arrow for Scenarios in the main Menu Bar.


Once on the Interactive Scenarios screen, select the scenario you'd like to try simply by clicking on the title. Note that the Scenario will pop up in a NEW tab on your browser.


On the scenario's page, the instructions for how to complete (repeated below) will appear first. Once you've read the instructions click "Begin" or "Next" to start.


Review the scenario then switch back to the Coding Center tab on your browser to look up the proper code(s). When ready, come back here to code the scenario. The M1021/M1023 grid displays a row for each code the expert sequenced for this scenario. Beginning with M1021a, drag the appropriate code from the "Possible Codes" list into the yellow "?" box. For each row (e.g., M1021a, M1023b, etc.) you will have three chances to select the code our expert identified. Note that for each incorrect code, you will see feedback from the expert to consider before selecting another code. When you're finished, the expert's code choices and full scenario "rationale" will appear.

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