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CMS reported in the FY2018 hospice payment rule that hospices have been more compliant with CMS’s repeated request to code every unresolved diagnosis a hospice patient has regardless of its relation to the terminal condition. Learn how easy it is to look up and assign the appropriate codes for each of these diagnoses, and where to find the sequencing instructions so you too can keep auditors at bay. Plus we’ll address any coding instructions/directives in the FY2019 proposed hospice payment rule. – Recorded 24July18


External Causes
While external cause codes are not required on Medicare home health claims, or any other claims, unless a particular payer or state agency mandates them, using them nevertheless adds an extra layer of protection for your agency. These codes are intended to capture the cause , intent, and circumstances of an injury or health condition. Discover how to find these codes using the Coding Center, as well as which are never appropriate for use in the home health setting. – Recorded 22August18


FY2019 Code Changes
The end of the five-year code freeze saw more than 2,500 ICD-10-CM changes to the FY2017 code set. The following year brought nearly a thousand more changes to the codes, their descriptors and their conventions. What does FY2019 have in store? Join us for a sneak peek at how the Coding Center will look come October 1, 2018, and learn how to look up the most significant code changes and where to find key guidance changes. – Recorded 20September18

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