Coding Center Release Notes - December 7, 2018

Late on December 6, 2018, we released an update to the OASIS item detail pages on the Coding Center for our Expert access users. The key change is that we have reordered two sections of content pulled from the OASIS Guidance Manual.

You'll now see the Chapter 3 Guidance header, which includes the Item Intent, Item-specific Instructions, Scoring Examples, Data Sources/Resources, etc., above the OASIS Conventions header, which includes the list of conventions applicable to that domain.

The change is meant to align the OASIS Guidance Manual content on the page from most focused to broadest applicability. In the left column of each OASIS item detail page, Expert users now see Response-specific instructions under the Responses header, then Item-level instructions under the Chapter 3 Guidance header and then the Domain-level instructions under the OASIS Conventions header.

In addition, and in anticipation of the release of OASIS-D on January 1st, the Browse Items page header has been updated to specify Browse OASIS-C2 Domains. This will, once both versions of the data set is available January 1st, help users spot the difference when browsing OASIS-C2 vs. OASIS-D.

A similar change also was made to the Browse Codes pages. You'll now see headers that read, Browse ICD-10 Chapters FY2019 and Browse ICD-10 Chapters FY2018, on the respective pages.

Among the bug fixes included in this release:

  • Code Tracker functionality has been repaired. Some users were experiencing issues where the Code Tracker was (1) not remembering codes added to the Tracker; and (2) alphabetizing codes rather than listing them in the order the user had selected
  • The text for the Death at Home timepoint has been corrected from Death of Home
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