Coding Center Release Notes - January 1, 2019

OASIS-D is here and the Home Health Coding Center now reflects the new data set. And for the first time, the Coding Center allows you to "look back" to the previous data set.

How do I look back at OASIS-C2? Start by selecting OASIS_Toggle_post-Lookback.PNG from the toggle. Then move to the dropdown, click the down arrow and select OASIS-C2.


Then simply type the item number, an item range, a single term or multiple terms – just as you always have – into the Search bar, hit Enter on your keyboard or click the Search button to run your query.

What about OASIS-D? Like with OASIS-C2, you can query by item, item range, single term or multiple terms.

Important note: We've separated the GG0130 and GG0170 items into 7 (GG0130A-GG0130H) and 20 (GG0170A-GG0170SS) detail pages respectively. That means you'll need to enter the full seven-character item number to query that item (e.g., GG0130E, GG0170M).

Guidance relevant to all of GG0130 or GG0170 shows on each of the detail pages, while Instructions, Scoring Examples, Q&As and Tips specific to the "sub-item" shows only on the respective detail page. 

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