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Diabetes mellitus is one of the most common conditions encountered by home health. Combination codes simplify coding, with the underlying etiology, type of diabetes and specific manifestation often included in a single code. Learn how to look up these diagnoses with the Coding Center, and where to find important sequencing instructions on the detail pages. We’ll also share the latest guidance from official sources and where to find it on the application. – Recorded Jan. 23, 2019



Correctly coding fractures requires proper identification of the cause mixed with a healthy knowledge of bone anatomy. Once the cause and specific fractured bone has been determined, choosing the right combination of terms to search on the Coding Center becomes easier. See how to look up fracture diagnoses – including the appropriate 7th characters – as well as external cause codes that help provide your payer with more insight behind the care you’re providing – Recorded Feb. 21, 2019



Hypertension, common in the home health population, can result from – and obviously impact – a variety of conditions. While ICD-10-CM makes no diagnostic differentiation between malignant and benign hypertension, there still are dozens of codes to choose from depending on the etiology and other conditions your patient is dealing “with”. Discover how to look up these diagnoses on the Coding Center and where to find key sequencing instructions on the detail pages. – Recording coming soon

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