Coding Center Release Notes - August 28, 2018

Late on August 27, 2018, we released new functionality at the Professional and Expert access levels as well as bug fixes at all access levels of Home Health Coding Center.

For Professional and Expert access level users, you now have Interactive Scenarios available through the drop-down arrow for Scenarios in the main Menu Bar.


Simply select a scenario by clicking the title on the Interactive Scenarios page. Important Note: the Scenario itself will pop up in a NEW tab on your browser. That’s so you can switch back to the Coding Center code lookup to find the correct diagnoses, then switch back to the Scenario’s tab on your browser to select the appropriate codes.

The instructions for using the Interactive functionality is provided at the beginning of each scenario. To read more about Interactive Scenarios, click here.

We also addressed functionality issues, including:

  1. Fixed the issue with users getting kicked out of the application after short periods of inactivity.
  2. Added pagination to the OASIS Articles page for Expert access level users so they can see all the articles in that newsletter's archive. You'll now see the 25 most recent articles, but can simply click the pagination bar to move to additional stories from our editors.


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